Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cabo San Lucas


Yes, I'm half Canadian on my Mothers side. Maybe that's why, like the geese, I get to fly south for the winter. Except, My journey will only take about thirty-six hours to complete, instead of three months.

Thankfully, Cabo San Lucas is a brief flight away from Orange County.

As I land in cabo I'm anticipating meeting TJ Ngan for the first time. I have spoken with him on the phone a few times so I have a stereotypical image projected in my mind due to his soft spoken voice and cute Asian accent.

We find each other in the crowd pretty easily because there aren't many Asians in Mexico, and I'm the only dumbass holding a skateboard. If you ever want to bring your skateboard to Mexico, think again. Most of the roads are sprinkled with rocks, constructed with dirty cracked pavement and littered with trash. No worries, the hotel will be my oasis.

We are staying at the RIU Sante Fe in Los Cabos.


It is an all-inclusive resort which has excellent service. The staff was very friendly and attentive. Todo bien porque Yo hablo un poco espanol.

TJ and I need the whole day to work so we wake up at 5:30 am and shoot with the glowing sunrise as our backdrop.

We also shot in the hotel where this shot was taken...


There will be more images soon...

Top Drawers International sponsored my trip to Cabo, so Please check out this website, It's a great online catalog.




  1. Beautiful photo....always happy to see new ones. You are such a beautiful man who belongs in front of the camera with and without clothes.

  2. Benjamin, you're absolutely amazing! You were born to shine, and your modeling photos are beautiful just like a dream, can you be a human and also an angel? Reading your blog posts, I find you nice, funny and a down-to-earth guy, who loves to have fun, movies, skateboarding. And watching your photos I see an handsome man with such a beautiful face, an intense look and a stunning body. Your nude and underwear/swimsuit photos are hot like fire. Thanks for being so bold and beautiful when you're posing in front of the camera! I'm Italian, so I apologize if I do grammar mistakes:)