Monday, August 31, 2009

Sharing what's beautiful

I love sharing my life with you! Here is a beautiful picture that I snapped for 'yall.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I simply love the western sunset!!

I took this shot yesterday with Catalina Island in the background!! Love you peeps

Donating to Benjamin Godfre is great karma

This college fund helps me live and develop the skills and confidence to go to medschool!

14.99 Poster!! I'll sign it and personalize it upon request.

This Personalized poster rocks!! I'll sign it for you and send it myself! xo

Want a personalized and signed Benjamin Godfre poster??

This 18X24 poster could be yours with a personal signature for only 14.99!

@ the Riviera in Palm Springs

This one is great because they let Tom Cullis, Timoteo, and I just run rampant in the hotel. Magic happens when us three are together. 

One of my new favorites

Benjamin Godfre – Designed Perfection | One Nation Magazine

Benjamin Godfre – Designed Perfection | One Nation Magazine

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