Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I want to meet you and hear what you have to say.

Welcome to my blog! Please ask me anything


  1. great pics on do you keep this body, what is your routine for exrcise and what is your diet?....medschool....good out Mc Dreamy!

  2. The pervs at Twilighted want another interview... You up for it? :D


  3. Oh, yes please! Another interview, then you can pimp your posters too *wink*

    I tell ya...If you had a poster of you on a Harley, I could sell those babies like a cold beer in the middle of the Mohave!

    Yes...I really, really, really want a pic of you on a Harley.

  4. you are a fascinating individual benjamin. =) i look forward to a bright future of working with you.

  5. Just bought your poster.. I'm an new Aussie fan.. we love you "down under" *cough* please do another interview for Bri .. the last one got me off, and you said you would do anything to help.

    We cougars love that. Lick and chat away Ben <3 x

  6. hey glad i finally found your site blog and now even on facebook , what i like is that ur damn down to earth...its just inspiring , just be true
    to yourself and hope u dun get jaded or influenced in the M world.cheers fm Singapore (wonder if u even know where)