Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My first realization of the semester!!

I actually love calculus!!! I can't wait to learn more!!


  1. Good for you Ben.
    I don't understand how the American system works, have you just gotten back to college?
    My first day back at school is tomorrow, can't wait either! I'm taking business studies, photography, english and politics.
    What other subjects are you taking?

  2. OMG you love Calculus! Really?! WOW! You’re the first person I know who says that they love it. I personally hate math.

    Well Good luck with your classes this semester!!!

  3. Calculus was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton many years ago, and is the basis of fractal geometry. Ben, I am glad you like it. Not liking it can make it very difficult!! Keep studying and skating, Dude!

  4. Good for you, Ben!! I often hear people complain non-stop about school and all I can think of is how much I want to go back! There's nothing like learning. Keep up the good work!

  5. It all depends on the teacher. I did not really like math until college - then I had a professor who could teach and I took every advanced math class he taught - Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Multi-variate Calculus.... I ended up minoring in Math - despite the fact it doesn't really go with my major - political science. Go figure. Good luck.

  6. Good Boy,
    Calculus almost killed me.
    I'm glad you have a good professor. And have the head for Math.
    It should take you Far. Straight to Dr. Benjamin Godfre.
    Study hard and play hard. Keep doing your 5-0 and 50-50 whenever you can.